L'outil numérique qui digitalise l'éducation thérapeutique.

Definition of Patient Education

Outil majeur pour la réussite de la prise en charge du patient, l’éducation thérapeutique permet de mieux comprendre sa pathologie et de mieux la gérer au quotidien.

patients with nurse

Less than 10% of patients with chronic diseases have entered an education program

1/3 of the french population are living with one ou more chronic conditions.
The number is set to rise within 20 years due to the ageing population and the way of life.

Cost of Non-Adherence : over €9 billion

The extra cost estimated by the french healthcare system due to readmissions, health complications...



€650 is the annual healthcare cost per patient

Implementing programs involves extra charges for care providers

The challenges of Patient Education

Healthcare professionals

Administrative burden

Each patient requires 2 or 3 hours on paperwork

Lack of time

dedicated to Patient Education

Professional shortage

Mandatory Training

Healthcare system faces financing challenges

Healthcare Systems are losing money


Lack of informations

Patient education is not provided nationwide

Access difficulties

80% of programs take place in hospitals

Lack of time

Program sessions are delivered during working hours

Lack of motivation

Patients do not see the benefits of education

Web plateform for
healthcare providers

Oscare Admin

  • Reduce administrative tasks
  • Ensure data quality & integrity
  • Deliver personnalised care

Web & Mobile application for

Oscare Companion

  • Accomodate patient life
  • Build up their knowledge
  • Improve patients behaviour


Healthcare Data Collection

Healthcare Management

Link with GP & Healthcare Institution

Programs Editor

Customised Patient Care

Pill Reminder & Medication tracker

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